the adventures of the little




Hey my name is Sophie and I am the choreographer of this piece. Together with all the dancers we have been working over 2 years to create this show.

I started dancing when I was 3, my mum ran a big dance school in Germany and I was taken into dance classes ever since I was a baby. I slept in the corner while she was teaching. I then went to England to train and have ever since lived here.

I do anything that engages people in dance - I teach, I choreograph and I run Danceholidays for children, young people as well as adults in beautiful places in Germany and England.

As a choreographer, I successfuly run my first showThe Little Witch, with sell-out performances at The PlaceNational Theatre 'Watch this Space’ and Hackney Children's Theatre. The project engaged over 1500 people in watching, performing and making dance, many for the first time.

Sophie has just been awarded a choreographic development award by DanceEast, recognising her work in participatory dance environments




Hey my name is Seymour Milton and I am a composer and sound designer. I worked with Sophie, the choreographer to create the magical, musical sound-world of The Adventures of the Little Ghost, a playful character who at first is trapped in a cold, damp and benighted castle but then one day escapes, unleashing havoc on the nearby village…

The spooky music and sound design is closely woven together and designed to illustrate the key moments and characters of The Adventures of the Little Ghost, guiding the audience through the enchanting story as it unfolds…

I work on lots of different things. Sometimes I get hired by big TV and Film companies to write the music, sometimes I work as musician with artists such as Boney M, Jah Wobble, Grand Drive and Ian Dench (EMF)

Since 2011 I have worked extensively on various contemporary dance projects, most notably with award-winning choreographers James Cousins and Ihsan Rustem. Together, their work has been performed at Sadler's Wells, Istanbul State Opera & Ballet House and many other prestigious venues in Europe, Asia and South America.




Ben is an artist, designer, and theatre maker. He designs sets and lighting for theatre and dance, aiming to create spaces which are fun to be in, and which help to tell the story.

So far, he's been involved in making performances in theatres, opera houses, tunnels, art galleries, shopping centres, warehouses, wardrobes, the internet and a palace.

He's also written stories, created animations and illustrations, and once made an exhibition about a man and his talking dog. He made things up for an experimental project between the Royal Shakespeare Company and Google which lots of people saw online, and his interactive installation Handle With Care – which encourages children to roar inside a wardrobe(!) – is currently touring libraries in the Midlands.




I’m Charlie and I am the lighting designer for The Adventures of the Little Ghost. It’s my job to work with Sophie, Ben, Ed and everyone else to work out how we want the show to look and what the audience should be able to see.

Sophie and I talk about the story, the dance and how the audience should feel. Should it be dark and mysterious or bright and funny? We talk about when it should be night-time and when the sun should come out. Exactly what colour is the sun in the little ghost’s world? Is it sunset orange or midday bright white? I work out which types of light to use and what colours to make them.

I make sure the lighting computer is programmed so that the lights change in perfect time with Seymour’s music - quickly or sometimes really slowly. Sometimes we programme a “blackout” - when it all goes dark. Or we might make the lights flicker. The lighting can change the whole scene in the little ghost’s world in seconds - along with music, dance, costume and scenery.

I love being part of the team and helping us to create the Little Ghost’s world and tell his story.




Rachel Antonio runs a creative studio specialising in the design and production of costumes, sets, artworks and installations for live events.  She has worked in fashion design, music festival production and architecture and when she is not designing and making the costumes for the Little Ghost she is currently the Creative Director of Farmfestival Somerset.