the adventures of the little





Hey! I'm Harvey and I play the Little Ghost in the show! I've been doing dance since I was tiny, starting off with tap and ballet and more recently contemporary at The Place. I have been in the youth company Shuffle for three years and I plan on continuing with dance in the future.

For me, dancing means I can have fun and explore emotions and characters while collaborating with others. I love creating movement and dancing to music, whether it be on stage or alone in my room!

In my spare time I enjoy doing art and listening to music, meeting up with my friends and watching movies.





I am 12 years old and have always had a passion for dance. I began dance classes at The Place studios at the age of 7, taking part in classes such as Fresh moves on saturday mornings, and Energiser as i progressed. I was then asked to audition for a part in Gloriana, performing in front of a huge audience at the Royal Opera House.

I really wanted to improve my dance ability so auditioned for the CAT programme at the Place, which I have loved to be a part of for 2 years. I enjoy all my classes at CAT, especially creative, as I am able to choreograph my own style of dance. I have now be chosen to be part of The Little Ghost which I am most excited about because it has been physically very challenging yet has pushed me to a new level which I hope you will enjoy.

P.S. I like cats, the colour blue and I never lie





Hey my name is John and I'm 28yrs old. When I was younger I wanted to be famous so when I was old enough I went to drama school to train as an actor, but during my time there I became interested in dance then decided to try and become a professional dancer.

I started dancing at the age of 19 because I went to see this really cool performance and it inspired me to want to dance and make that my full time job.

My favourite thing about my job is that I get to travel all over the world seeing some very cool places like last summer I went to Hong kong in China! I'm not so good at Ballet so I know I have to try and pay even more attention when I take a class so I can improve quickly. I really enjoy telling stories through dancing and hope to inspire many more people to take up dance either professionally or as a hobby.





My name is Nathan Johnston and I am originally from north east England and moved all the way down to London 9 years ago.

I started dancing when I was 16 which is quite late but I put in a lot of time and hard work to get to a professional level.

I have been performing, teach and choreographing all over the world in places such as Canada, Middle East, Norway, France, Holland and Belgium.

My favourite ways to dance are contemporary floorwork, partnerwork and improvisation. I also train in circus doing hand to hand acrobatics as a base, which means making people fly above my head.





Hey guys I'm Jake and I play the wise owl. Ive been dancing most my life now and have had some amazing opportunitys on the way!

I've got to travel around the world and perform at some very famous theaters, like the Royal Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall!

I love to fly so I mix my dance with Parkour and gymnastics. I train hard and always try to push my self because of this I have had the great pleasure of working with some amazing Companys such as ParkourDance Company, STREB Extreme Action Company and Punch Drunk to name few.





Hi there, I'm Thomas! I’m 24yrs old and live in big old London.

This was not always the case though, I grew up in a tiny town in Devon. This tiny town was where, at the age of 15, I joined my first after school dance group. I truly didn’t know how to move, but I went every week and slowly improved. We worked together to learn new moves, put on shows and have fun.

At that time I really wanted to be a car mechanic, so alongside school and dance, I went to night classes to work on rusty old cars and learn how they were put together.

Now, the reason that this all changed was when I watched an amazing dance performance and took class with one of the dancers. This inspired me to take the chance to become a professional dancer and after many years of training, it’s now my Job... Win!

What I really enjoy about being a dancer is that you get to work as a team and learn from people from all over the world. Last year I even got to go to Canada. One of the best things about my job is that you never get bored, theres always new things to learn.





Hey there, My name is Matt and Im from West Yorkshire, near a little place called Leeds. 

I started dancing when I went to college in Leeds at 16. I originally wanted to act but dancing was far more fun and physical. I went to the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. 

I have been performing and teaching for 6 years now. I have been so lucky to travel the world visiting some awesome places like Jordan, Austria, France Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

My favourite contemporary style os floor work, nothing better than rolling around on the floor, it is extremely hard work but anything worth doing is.